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The Farmer and The Chickpea
at the Market
We feel nothing suits us better then to be in a bustling Farmers Market, where we join over 60 other merchants everyday! 

We have literally surrounded ourselves with the best of everything; top quality Organic Chickens, amazing Produce that has been handpicked by the stand owners! Imported Cheeses, from true artisans! Olives of all varietals, infused Olive Oils from Italy and even San Marzanno Tomatoes! 

Come see us at the Jersey Fresh Farmers Markets, and share the experience with us! (now only if the bakeries would stop that amazing smell of freshly cooked Bread and Baked-Goods from permeating the market) it would be the perfect place!!!!! After all, a girl can only take so much!

Hamilton Park, Jersey City (Begins May, 6th)
Wednesdays 3-7:30pm 

Downtown Somerville Farmers Market (Begins June 4th)
Thursdays 11-4pm 

Rutgers Garden Farmers Market 
Fridays 11-5pm

Metuchen Farmers Market (Begins June 13th)
Saturdays 9-2pm

Summit Farmers Market (Begins May 10th)
Sundays 8-1pm